Library Commission


Advise on policies and procedures desirable for library operation and use of the library fund. Provide input on long-range plans for library facilities, and act to facilitate development of and maintain excellence in library programs.


Meetings are scheduled on the third Wednesday every month and usually hosted at the Noel Wien Library, 1215 Cowles Street, Fairbanks. This information will be routinely updated to reflect any upcoming meetings. 

The next scheduled Library Commission meeting is Wednesday, October 20, 2021 at 4:00 p.m. Alaska at or hosted from the Noel Wien Library, 1215 Cowles Street, Fairbanks.

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Additional Information

If you have questions regarding the Library Commission, please contact the Clerk's Office by phone at (907) 459-1401 or email the Clerk's Office.

Vacancies and Reappointments
If you are interested in serving on this commission, please submit a completed Board or Commission Application Form (PDF).

Commissioner Contact Information Term Expiration
Karen Fox (907) 479-2028 12/21
Elyse Guttenberg (907) 455-6805 12/21
Jeff Jacobson (907) 460-7733 12/21
Mary Matthews (907) 455-6311
(907) 347-1454
Charles Simmons (907) 479-0406 12/22
Maida Buckley (907) 479-2677 12/23
Nicole Eiseman (907) 388-8235 12/23
Robert Hannon
Vice Chair
(907) 687-9861
(907) 474-0071
Rex Nutter
(907) 456-1476 12/23
Non-Voting Members Affiliation
Melissa Harter FNSB Library Director
Jill Dolan FNSB Attorney
Debbie Brady FNSB Chief Financial Officer