Board of Ethics


The Board of Ethics reviews and considers complaints made against elected officials, board or commission members, and the Borough Clerk and Deputy Clerk, that allege violations of the Code of Ethics located in Title 6 of Fairbanks North Star Borough Code. Complaints made against the Mayor are filed with the Borough Clerk and if heard, are referred to a hearing officer selected by the Borough Attorney. Complaints made against a borough employee are filed with the Human Resources Director or the Mayor. 


Holding public office or employment is a public trust and high moral and ethical standards are essential to the conduct of government. The Code of Ethics gives guidance in carrying out oaths of office to support and defend the Constitution of the United States and the State of Alaska, and the laws of the Fairbanks North Star Borough. It also specifies conduct that violates public expectations that officials will honestly, faithfully, and impartially perform their duties to the best of their ability. 

Citizens have a fundamental constitutional right to freedom of expression, including criticism of public officials. Public officials are also entitled to various rights, including the right to due process of law. All complaint procedures are outlined in the Code of Ethics


Ex parte contact with the Board of Ethics is when a complainant (person who filed a complaint) or respondent (person who the complaint is filed against) contacts the Board without the other party's knowledge. Contact includes but is not limited to in person, by phone, e-mail or text. 

Board members shall be impartial in all matters, both in fact and appearance. No board member shall receive or engage in ex parte contacts. All contact with the Board of Ethics shall go through the Borough Clerk's Office.


 The Board consists of 5 members and 1 alternate member nominated by the Presiding Officer and confirmed by the Assembly. 

MembersTerm Expires
James Fox December 31, 2021
Valerie TherrienDecember 31, 2021
G.H. Cole SonafrankDecember 31, 2022
Dan LaSotaDecember 31, 2023
V. Lenny ReaginDecember 31, 2023
Vacant - Alternate MemberDecember 31, 2022


If you are interested in serving on the Board of Ethics, please complete an application and submit to the Borough Clerk's Office.