What can I do to help animals and shelters during this time?

Thank you for your interest in helping!  Here are some ideas:

Keep your pets at home and restrained.  Keeping your pets at home and safely restrained is the biggest help citizens can do to keep animals out of the shelter.  Waiting to rehome pets until after the pandemic is over is also critical to helping minimize the population of animals in the shelter.  Unless an animal is sick, injured, or in immediate danger, its best to remain in a home and out of the shelter.


Offer support and supplies:  Social media is a great way to reach out to our community to offer resources that may be available.  Families may need animal food and supplies because of a loss of a job, etc.  Posting your need for help or posting availability to help is a way that the community can help each other without having to bring pets to the shelter.  Consider dropping off some animal food at our Pet Pantry located on the back side of the Animal Shelter. 

Plan for your pet in case you get sick.  It’s important to incorporate pets into your preparedness plan.  Pets should stay with their families whenever possible.  This should include stocking up on essential supplies such as pet food and medications. Having a contingency plan for family, friends, or neighbors to care for your pets if you are unable to do so is highly recommended. 

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